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Cooperative Ibl al-Saqi

Amel Association International established 2004 an Agricultural Cooperative in the village of Ebl El-Saqi in South Lebanon so as to ensure permanent balancing development between urban and rural areas, especially that the Lebanese countryside abound traditional and agricultural resources. The project aims to create job opportunities and improving livelihood of rural families in South of Lebanon.
The program also includes training in the areas of soap production and processing of medicinal herbs and essential oils, benefited by 500 women from the villages surrounding Ebl El-Saqi.

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The Mann Hiya project to empower women through handmade crafts and artifacts

Empowering women is essential to Amel, and our team is largely composed of women, at the highest levels. Knowing the incredible potential they have, we believe that economic independence of women leads to social independence. Amel has therefore launched several initiatives with women in rural and urban areas.

The Mann Hiya project to empower women throught handmade crafts and artifacts was initiated in the same spirit. The artisanal soap factory of Ebl el Saqi is another example of the kind of rural development projects that Amel has initiated. This offers women wider chances of gaining economic empowerment.

Menna is a project that aims to provide access to the labor market for women working in food production, handicrafts, recycling, handmade accessories and organic soap, and consequently providing wider selling opportunities. Amel launched Menna- Hand Made Products shop in 2015, as a showroom and a market place. Moreover, Amel created Menna Catering Group which is composed of women who prepare sweet and savoury pastries for events and occasions.

Amel also frequently participates in national campaigns to advocate for women’s rights.