About Menna Shop

The Coffee and Goods Shop for Women Empowerment, “MENNA” was one of Amel’s initiatives in collaboration with Oxfam-Novib, aiming to support marginalized women from both host and refugee communities.

 The project is providing vulnerable women with increased and sustained access to market and consequently, to livelihood opportunities in Lebanon; while continuing to conduct women empowerment activities through cooking, catering, training, and service provision. “Menna” is not only offering vulnerable women in Lebanon with a permanent selling point, but also with a place for them to work as well as to share experience and knowledge.

Up till now, Amel has reached hundreds of beneficiaries who acquired new skills in agro-food processing and catering activities (namely sweet and savory patisseries) in addition to production techniques related to food security, preservation, hygiene, humidity among others topics, as identified in the international standards for agro-food processing procedures.

Sessions on marketing and sales techniques are put in place to increase the selling venues and revenues of beneficiaries, more specifically by selling their items in Menna Coffee and Goods Shop as well as benefiting from “Menna Catering Group” that was created from the first training component to further facilitate their access to the market.

You can support these women by buying a unique item from their collection.